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When nuclear regulations have to be observed and top safety standards are required

Fulfilment of the highest safety requirements is prerequisite for the provision of crane equipment for nuclear facilities. Strict adherence to the regulations is an indispensable and mandatory component of Siempelkamp's product range. As wholly-owned subsidiary of Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH we complement our parent company's range of products and services with our crane technology for nuclear power plants.

In addition, we also deliver crane equipment, which is built by us based on KTA regulations.

Further information:Power plant cranes


  • Single and double-girder bridge cranes
  • Ceiling and suspension cranes
  • Wall and pillar slewing cranes
  • Wall-bracket cranes
  • Load-lifting beams and fastening devices
  • Special cranes of all makes as well as material handling equipment
  • Crane tracks
  • Small crane systems

Excerpt from our reference list:
I. Cranes according to KTA

  • KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (formerly Research Centre Karlsruhe GmbH), Germany

II. Cranes based on KTA

  • Areva NP GmbH, 63067 Offenbach, Germany
  • Brennelementelager Gorleben GmbH, 29475 Gorleben, Germany
  • Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH, 47803 Krefeld, Germany
  • Urenco Deutschland GmbH, 48599 Gronau, Germany